Privacy policy

For users not logging in

This site does not collect usage data for user not logging in. The web server (Nginx) does store activity logs, but only for server debugging purposes. There is no processing or data collection from these logs.

For user logging in

In addition, from users logging in through a third party service, like Facebook, we store name, email and the id connected to the third party service. The purpose is user administration and access control for content administration only, and is not stored with or connected to server logs.


Cookies are used to identify logged in users for content administration. Nothing else.


This site does not use any form of analytics tools, neither external nor internal tools.

Technical information

Strekmann AS is running the technical solution in a Digital Ocean datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. The network traffic is encrypted.

User data requests

If you want to request or delete data about your user, please contact our data provider, Strekmann AS (contact info).