Sverjesjøhøgda, Forolhogna National Park Photo: Per Gätzschmann

Welcome to my tribute to Nordic Wildlife

Growing up in the mountain village of Soknedal in Sør-Trøndelag County in Norway, nature was nearby and a natural venue for spare time activities. My fascination for wildlife was developed through numerous hikes in the forest surrounding our family farm as well as hikes and hunting trips to Forelhogna National Park. You are hereby invited to tag along to these areas through my images.

I am a lawyer by profession, and specialised in transaction law in my early career. Since 2007 I have spent my time managing investments, the last few years as a co-founder of Longship, managing the Longship Private Equity funds.

Nature photography is a hobby of great importance to me - a welcome break from hectic workdays. There is a good synergy between the two; on one side a busy travel schedule and heavy workload makes me look even more forward to the the breaks under open sky; on the other side many a business related challenge is resolved while killing time in a hide, waiting for the motives to arrive. My competitive side also get nutrition; I was fortunate enough to be awarded Nature Photographer of the Year in Norway in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019, and has been awarded regularly in international competitions the last few years.

Capturing the beauty of nature is in many ways in contrast to the strict and sometimes harsh rules of the commercial world. I could not have found a more refreshing and recuperating activity to create balance in life.

I hope you enjoy this peak into my neighbourhoods wildlife!

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