Images for sale

If you want to purchase any of my images, please contact me per email:


Most images from the website and facebook profile can easily be ordered as high-quality prints. Print life expectancy is at least 40 – 80 years.

Prints are made on semigloss paper or canvas (please specify), but other paper qualities can be supplied if requested.

The prints are produced in limited editions, usually 50 pieces of each image/size. They are signed and numbered.

Prices quoted without frames. Cost of shipping will be added.

Print sizes in in cm USD NOK
50x50 290 2400
50x70 350 3100
65x100 490 4300
100x100 730 5900
100x150 1050 8800

Other use; book, reports, magazines and newspapers

If you need images for other purposes, send me a note per email!